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Gazpacho Boards Welcome Home Contest

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So we found no better way to start Gazpachoboards in Spain than making a contest full of prizes and laughs! A total of 7 prizes were given and lots of Gazpacho fun!!!!

The contest had the following rules:

1. It is a league with 5 sections, 1 prize each section;

Down handrail, Spine, Flat rail, Flat+Down rail, 1' run in the skatepark.

2. If you win one section prize, cannot win another one, price will be given to next winner after you.

3. Each section gives points to winners; 1st (3p.), 2nd (2p), 3rd (1p)

4. After 5 sections, the two riders with more points will fight in a ZampaJam race to win a Complete Kamikaze Pro Board. 2nd ZampaJam prize is a Kamikaze Pro BAR with slick.

*ZampaJam is a race combining speed, drinking Gazpacho, eating JunkFood and making a best trick in the shortest time possible.

Results were 5 prize winners and a great lot of fun!

Tricks raised the bar once more, proving Spanish riders pushing the sport. Remarks: 360+5.0 (Bernat Pomerol) Flat+down rail = 5.0+NsBlunt (Jordi Purcalla)

180sw smith+sw lip+revert 270 out (Adrià Ventura)

Flat rail combo we are unable to pronounce (Toni Alvarez) sw bs smith+sw bs nsblunt (Sergi Nicolas) fs blunt+270 (Andres Rodes) Strategy Play (Marc Forman)

Thanks to everyone for attending Gazpacho Boards Welcome Home Contest and congratulations to all the winners: RAIL: Bernat Pomerol (1set of Flat Foot Kingpins) SPINE: Sergi Nicolas (1set of BALLBREAKER Trucks by MUNOZ Hdw) FLAT RAIL: Toni Alvarez (1set of Kamikaze Pro side plates) FLAT+DOWN RAIL: Jordi Purcalla (1Kamikaze Pro 55 Bar with Slick) PARK RUN: Marc Forman (1set of Rabbitwheels)

Gazpacho prepare.jpg

Gazpacho ZampaJam and Overall Rank:

1.Sergi Nicolas (Kamikaze Pro Complete Board with slick) 2.Toni Alvarez (Kamikaze Pro Bar with slick)


*Clap clap to Sergi Nicolas for winning Gazpachoboards ZampaJam, we've never seen anybody drinking gazpacho and eating shit-food at such remarkable speed.

Good job bro! :)

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