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Gazpachoboards! is a Streetboarding company coming out of the 5 times World Champion Gabi Muñoz and it provides PRO-LEVEL equipment all around the globe.

Gazpachoboards! is gathering up all those open minded cheerful people using sports to make friends, exercise and travel around the world.

In Gazpachoboards! we have an attitude to understand sports, the world and life itself, in wich Extreme Sports are one of the keys to find a BIG TIME, a unique event that one will remember until the end of days; you can find a BIG TIME Landing a 540, dropping in your first wave or going party with your rival the night before a contest!

And from all Extreme Sports we focus on Streetboarding.


Why Gazpachoboards!?  It's fresh,  it's  healthy and in summer tastes better !!

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